B.C. needs a robust pot plan, not a wait-and-see attitude

In the wake of the Liberal tsunami, Premier Christy Clark sounded far from enthusiastic about prime minister-to-be Justin Trudeau’s plan to legalize pot.

“It’s a federal issue and we will work with the government in whatever moves they make on this front,” she said with nary a grin.

“It’s a criminal code provision, the criminal code is a federal responsibility, so if and when they make changes, we will work with them to make sure that changes can be effective in B.C.”

No Big Lebowski jokes, no giggle about being a Bob Marley fan; instead, in the spirit of the outgoing prime minister, Clark sounded like a pinched school mistress.

Amending the criminal code, as she well knows, is only one facet of legalization — how cannabis should be regulated and sold, in what forms and by whom, along with related issues such as advertising rules, would still have to be determined.

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