Lawsuit claims CN and CP railways at fault for sparking fire that wiped out Lytton

A woman whose home, art and cherished memorabilia were incinerated by the wildfire that destroyed Lytton has filed a class-action lawsuit against Canada’s two main railroads, CN and CP.

Carel Moiseiwitsch says she lost almost everything when the inferno razed the village and her one-and-a-half-storey, three-bedroom home on Alonzo Way that contained personal belongings as well as her art and rug collection.

In her B.C. Supreme Court statement of claim, she alleges the Lytton fire was caused June 30 by heat or sparks from a Canadian Pacific freight train operated by Canadian National Rail employees on tracks owned by CN.

The suit claims the trains have been causing fires for more than a century, and the railroads should have known it was unsafe to operate that day because of the high heat and winds.

Read The Full Article In The Vancouver Sun

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