Casino cash tied to property-backed loans

Paul King Jin, aka “Brother Bao,” has failed to stop the release of a report prepared for the inquiry into money laundering alleging he provided millions to gamblers who pledged property to secure loans.

The 653-page document titled, “Paul Jin Debt Enforcement Against B.C. Real Estate,” details more than 20 big-time gamblers accused of owing massive debts to him as well as possible competitors — suspected loan sharks and private lenders.

Jin was granted participant status at the two-year-old inquiry last Nov. 5 out of fairness because he was barred from casinos starting in 2012 and was accused of being a major supplier of the tide of cash that swamped the gaming facilities from roughly 2010 to 2015.

He was also a target of the 2015 RCMP E-Pirate investigation that focused on a Richmond money service business believed to be supplying the currency. Jin was not charged.

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