Casino whistleblower lambasted at Cullen inquiry into money-laundering

The former B.C. Lottery Corp. director of anti-money-laundering who helped paint the province’s casinos as laundromats for dirty money was hammered Thursday at the Cullen commission.

Ross Alderson insisted there was indifference to the flood of suspected illicit cash flowing through casinos from 2010 until 2015, but took refuge in a faulty memory and intransigence when pressed during testy exchanges with commission counsel Patrick McGowan.

“I really can’t recall that far back on the dates and times,” he repeated. “I’m not denying. … I can’t be certain, I can’t recall all the details that far back. I can’t recall that … you’re asking me about something that happened years ago.”

The whistleblower’s credibility was sorely battered by the inquiry lawyer, provincial government lawyer Kaitlyn Chewka, and those representing casinos.

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