Eby manipulated dirty-money debate, says former BCLC exec

B.C. Attorney-General David Eby has been accused at the Cullen Commission of turning money-laundering into a politically charged debate by handcuffing the B.C. Lottery Corp. and possibly leaking private information to the media.

Former Vice-President of Legal, Compliance and Security/Chief Compliance Officer for BCLC Robert Kroeker said the Crown corporation was prevented from responding to incorrect media reports and told to take a $60-million loss to make consultant Peter German’s money-laundering report look effective.

Under pressure from Eby, he added, BCLC put on hold a suite of anti-money-laundering initiatives at casinos, including a $25,000 cash pay-out limit.

At the Inquiry into Money Laundering, Kroeker said he was told the minister “was pissed, very upset, didn’t like that we were doing this now ahead of German’s recommendations, didn’t want us to get ahead of him being able to announce things.”

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